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Heber Jentzsch

This is far from a functioning blog. More a place I can keep track of my own interests and to share them with others. This post hits on my favorite evil cult Scientology and my favorite sentenced to the hole member Heber Jentzsch president of Scientology. Free Heber! Excellent work Jeff.

Leaving Scientology

I wrote an earlier post about “things Scientologists are supposed to forget.” We should add to that “people that Scientologists are supposed to forget.”

One of those people we are supposed to forget is Heber Jentzsch. Heber got into Scientology the same year I got in, 1967. So as of this year, he has been in Scientology for 43 years. He is now 76 years old. For many years he was the main spokesperson for Scientology, and while he often argued and fought with reporters, he also earned their respect. In 1982, he was appointed President of the Church of Scientology International, and became, for many, the public face of Scientology. He was a frequent speaker at events, and with his humor and charm, became a popular figure in Scientology. Every Scientologist knew who Heber was.

And now, he’s disappeared from the world of Scientology. He’s just gone.


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Classic post!


Chairman.Dave Chairman Miscavige today released his long-awaited $250,000,000 documentary. 92 hours in length and filmed in Panavision, this  ecclesiastical extravaganza has a monumental title:

The Glorious Technical Revolution of the Golden Age of Technology Phase II and its Conquest Over the Covert and Overt Enemies of the Church of Scientology in Which Chairman Miscavige Heroically Emerges as the World Savior.

The film will be screened over the next five days in the Great Hall of Exact Data. Attendance is mandatory. Many long and enthusiastic standing ovations are expected. Failure to comply will result in very strict punishments.

A young Scientologist plays Chairman Miscavige and depicts his glorious and smashing series of victories over SP’s, Psychs, and semicolons misplaced by treacherous transcriptionists secretly sent in by SMERSH.

Here we see a rousing and inspiring dramatic scene in which Chairman Miscavige rallies his loyal masses to defeat the Forces of Suppression:

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I was just commenting on an article related to bullying and a schools response to it in Colorado here is the summary and my response:
A 9-year old North Carolina boy was told by school officials to ditch his My Little Pony backpack on account of the backpack being a “distraction” and a “trigger for bullying.”
my comment:

most schools/school boards aren’t very good at dealing with this issue from what a lot of my friends who have kids tell me(I don’t). But honestly there’s just as many parents (and everyone in general) who have been “bullied” going to school as there are parents who also have been bullys at some point. Or at the least enablers. Especially if you go with today’s usage of the word. That doesn’t justify anything but its never mentioned. The way its spun sounds like its an issue with just this generation. I would like to see bullying stopped most ppl do. But at what point is the line crossed and starts getting out of hand?

Wayne K. Spear

image T ODAY I LOOKED UP the word bullying in the English As It Is Actually Used Dictionary :

Bullying, vbl. n. [bʊlɪɪŋ]: A word that by 2014 was being used by some adults to describe what all the adults were doing to all the other adults, everywhere.

On any day in any news source, there are articles about adult bullying, as well as commentaries and anecdotes and calls to put an end to it, wherever it happens, which according to some people is everywhere.

Just before I began this article I checked the latest headline, and there it was, a story about a provincial politician quitting because Allison Redford, the Premier of Alberta, is a bully. Yet another article had a quote from a federal politician who says Prime Minister Stephen Harper is a bully. My mock-favorite however is this: Michele Bachmann says gays are bullying the American people…

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