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Heber Jentzsch

This is far from a functioning blog. More a place I can keep track of my own interests and to share them with others. This post hits on my favorite evil cult Scientology and my favorite sentenced to the hole member Heber Jentzsch president of Scientology. Free Heber! Excellent work Jeff.

Leaving Scientology

I wrote an earlier post about “things Scientologists are supposed to forget.” We should add to that “people that Scientologists are supposed to forget.”

One of those people we are supposed to forget is Heber Jentzsch. Heber got into Scientology the same year I got in, 1967. So as of this year, he has been in Scientology for 43 years. He is now 76 years old. For many years he was the main spokesperson for Scientology, and while he often argued and fought with reporters, he also earned their respect. In 1982, he was appointed President of the Church of Scientology International, and became, for many, the public face of Scientology. He was a frequent speaker at events, and with his humor and charm, became a popular figure in Scientology. Every Scientologist knew who Heber was.

And now, he’s disappeared from the world of Scientology. He’s just gone.


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